Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'm sorry for my absence, there is no excuse honestly... sighhhh.... here's yet another quick update on The Reynolds and fingers crossed this will be the last one as I will get back to regular postage!

1.)  It's October already? This year is flying by!
2.) My husband turned 26, love my old man :) he wanted to keep it low key this year so we had dinner at the house and watched a movie.
3.) Buddy Dog became mischievous one night while we were gone...and J left him out again one after this devastation and he ripped it up even more. We love him of course but not trust him right now to stay out of his kennel when we aren't home... poor guy.

4.) While Buddy Dog did destroy the couch, we still had couch time a few days later when J went to bed a little early. He looks very great danesque doesn't he?

5.) My sweet Grandmother is continuing to progress towards meeting Jesus which I'm sad and glad for all at once. Please pray that when she does go it's painless and hopefully in her sleep.
6.) Clemson is still undefeated! Holla... :)
7.) J bought me mums for the house and I finished my fall wreath! I need to take a picture...
8.) J installed our glass door and it looks amazing and lets so much more light into the house when we're home!

For now that is all. I'll post more pictures later!


  1. OH BAD BUDDY DOG...Just stating...this is why I am anti-indoor pets. ha!

    But he is very cute.

    Can't wait to get over there soon. Call me girl! We must catch up!!

  2. Oh wow! I remember those days! Bad Buddy, bad dog!! After our was over a year, he did much better being left out.