Thursday, September 29, 2011


I'm back! I can't believe it's been over a week since I've posted. We've been busy is an understatement... so updates of note:
  1. My Grandmother is getting worse by the day and I'm hoping it won't be long now til she gets to meet Jesus, I've been to see her twice this week. She's sleeping a lot. Please pray for her!
  2. Work has gotten super busy and when I've come home I haven't wanted to be on the computer at all. Praise the Lord tomorrow is Friday!
  3. My doctor's appointment today seemed to go well. The therapy treatment should help, fingers crossed no surgery!
  4. Buddy almost ate J's birthday present that came in the mail today. It seems he's still not old enough for us to leave him out in the house while we're gone.
  5. Speaking of birthday presents... I ended up telling J I bought him tickets to the ACC championship in December.. I'm so bad with surprises, it's weakness. It's usually why I wait til the last minute to buy something so I won't end up getting so excited and telling him.
  6. We tailgated last weekend in Clemson and watched as they beat Florida State. We had a blast with Boone and Nic! J found a new tailgating game online called Hammerscholgen which was a huge hit with anyone who saw us playing it :)
  7. We're going to Scarowinds tomorrow night with my family minus my Mom. She scares easily. Super pumped to hang out/spend time with the siblings and Dad!
  8. I'm taking my MIL and Grandmother in law to see my Grandma on Saturday morning. Grandma Reynolds is going to play some hymns for Grandma :) and then we're going to Trader Jo's, I've never been so it's going to be fun. Glad to spend some time with them, with the new job it seems I don't get to do it enough with any of our family members. J is heading to Columbia for the USC game with some his friends.
  9. Sunday we went to the Panther's game courtesy of a contractor J works with. I was so excited since I've never been and have always wanted to go! It poured but we stayed dry and watch the whole game.

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  1. That is such a cute pic!!! Yall are adorable together.

    Yeah lets do something soon. Been busy and I see you have been too.