Thursday, September 1, 2011

Feels like it should be Friday already, this week has drug by, probably because we have Monday off of work! Praise the Lord for Labor Day, I'm really hoping to hit up Ikea on Monday.

I stuffed myself at our team breakfast at IHop, I'm in a food haze currently. I got 2 pancakes, hashbrowns, 2 strips of bacon and scrambled eggs (which I didn't eat, eww) for $4.99. Not too shabby IHop, not too shabby. 

Monday means the end of summer. I'm so ready for fall to get here aka scarf season, boots, cardigans, fires outside, football, soups and chili, pajama pants, North Face jackets, mums and pumpkins, Halloween and Thanksgiving, apple cider and hot chocolate.... the list could go on. It's been quiet chilly in the mornings when I take Buddy out and like the McDonald's commercial says, 'I'm lovin' it' (don't mind me and my cheesy line)

Today is pretty boring, hence the short, weird blog post.


  1. If only it were anywhere close to chilly here! Miss you boo!

  2. Ha, you are so cute! Lets do a walk this evening..PHONE ME if you are down. Otherwise, I love you anyway!