Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sha, sha, shake it...

I bought this cute little number off of Amazon for $4 plus shipping. I’m going to keep it on our sofa table in the living room for a mail holder since we don’t currently have a place for mail and it gets tossed around quite a bit. 

I made bacon burgers last night for dinner and we watched Thor, really healthy I know I know. Thor was FANTASTIC! Our Monday was pretty slow, BUT I came home and J had bought me a surprise! During the day I asked for a hint and he replied with, “You’ve said you wanted one of these.” I was lost until I got home and saw...

...a Shake Weight in the living room!!!!!!!!

And no, you may not judge my desire for one or the fact that I own one like Sarah B. from work did earlier today. “You really wanted one of those? Why don’t you use regular weights?” Oh Sarah, I’m hoping to show you up :) Well, I used it this morning and followed the DVD, guess we’ll see what happens over the next few weeks!

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