Sunday, October 7, 2012

Andddd I'm back

My oh my how long it's been since I've posted! I've been gone for a bit but I'm hoping to keep up the blog this time. So, updates on life since last year but first things first...

Happy birthday to the sweetest husband I know, the one and only Jeremy Reynolds! You make our (Buddy & I) lives so wonderful and you bless me each as my husband, I'm so proud to be your wife :)

1.) Jeremy and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary back in May by going to Las Vegas with Jake and Stacey! Great time no $$ big wins but I did not adjust well to the lack of humidity or the time change, sigh... guess I'm just a southern lady to the core with no hopes of ever living elsewhere. It's hard to believe that we already been married a year and half, time slows down for no one as you get older.

2.) I was asked to be Cecilia Brooke Hamilton's godmother/mentor! She's so cute and little, I can't wait to see how she grows over the next few months. (PS I'm currently growing my hair out as well, we'll see how long I let it get)

3.)  I got the iPhone 4, no judgements on the lateness of me getting one or the fact that the iPhone 5 just came out... I'm not rich :)

4.) Buddy turned 2 in September, can't believe we've almost had him for two years at Thanksgiving

5.) We joined an eGroup (small group) at our church and we love it! We're currently going thru the series Greater and God is really using it to reveal a lot in our relationship with each other and with Him.

 Sometimes life just gets in the way the busier it gets and I think that's why I haven't really posted much in the past year. Another major thing that stopped my writing was my grandmother passing away on October 28 last year. I literally can't describe why it made me stop writing/blogging but I definitely know it was a huge factor in it. I never thought that I could miss some one so much until she went to meet Jesus. Miranda Lambert said it best: '...I miss you.  They say I'll be okay,  But I'm not going to ever get over you..." The good news is that I'm back and it feels good to blog again, I think I just finally got my blogging mojo back though! 

Until next time... Go tigers :)

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