Friday, January 21, 2011

An acute view

The past week or so I've really been having issues with my eyes. I've mentioned it in previous posts, well I had a follow up appointment yesterday and Dr. Oliver dilated my eyes and said things were back to normal and I could start wearing contacts again. Well, today I put in my trial contacts and there is an issue with them so I'm on the phone now trying to see if Dr. Oliver can see me again today. My eye is bloodshot and itchy and its like there is a dry spot on the center of my contact that WON'T go away.

J was a little freaked out when I text him this picture yesterday.

I went to the post office near the Rock Hill Airport today to pick up my hair piece for the wedding and they gave me the wrong post office to pick them up ugh. So I have to wait til this afternoon in order to pick up my certified package. Ugh, the postal service is failing me today. The lady at the post office said to give the downtown Rock Hill post office a piece of my mind! Ha.

Still waiting to hear back from the Bank about the house, fingers crossed still!

Red is coming in to town this tonight and she and I and Stephanie and Rach are going out for my late birthday party with the girls! I'm super excited!

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