Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So, I went to my hairstylist today and we did something a little drastic. I usually always have blonde highlights in my hair but in the past few weeks I've noticed how terrible it has started to look expecially since I no longer have my summer tan and I'm as pale as can be.

Whelp. This is the outcome and although its darker than I ever would have imagined, I really like it. Shea say's it will lighten up in the next week and if not we can fix it. So, I haven't told J yet. We'll see how he reacts tonight when I see him, fingers crossed. He loves my highlighted hair.

So bloggers what do you think of the 'winter' look as Meredith said?
**Please disregaurd the glasses. I'm STILL having issues with my eyes.
I'm headed back to the doctor this afternoon.

The Save the Dates are supposed to be at the house right now, so I'm pretty sure thats what my evening will consists of is addressing them. Fingers crossed they're here so I can FINALLY send them out.

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