Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My boys

Happy Hump Day Bloggers!
My two loves Monday during the snow/ice blizzard of 2011!
Buddy keeps on sliding around the ice when he has to pee, its really funny.
We got our Koozies in the mail from Koozie Revolution on Ebay and I am super impressed and very pleased with them! We got 50 custom printed for $50 including shipping, which is fantastic! I was looking at other places for JUST koozies with no customization for wayyyyy more, which is ridiculous! We definately got our money's worth for them which is great! I only ordered 50 since I know that many of the older people won't be taking them home.

Edit: Well, officially I've ordered our Save the Dates and I couldn't be happier with them! They should be here next week and I'll be mailing them out as soon as we get them in, I'm so excited :) Things are starting to get official! We ordered 100 of them off of Prints Made Easy for only $35.00 including shipping. Check them out, they do a whole lot more than just print Post Cards. If you haven't already sent me your address please send it to me below in the comments field.

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