Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Encounter

Well, there were a lot of first's yesterday....
I went to dinner with my wedding planner last night at Chili's. I love Missy, she's the best wedding planner I could have asked for! We went through my spreadsheet to figure out what was left to purchase, price quote and brain storm for favors for the older crowd.  We only have a few things left to pay for since I've been paying for everything slowly since October in my weekly spending money. Ladies- this is the best advice I can give: Make a list of what you need and then search for it and spend a little each week that way it doesn't all hit you hard at the end.

Things left to take care of:
  • DJ- Missy is calling around getting quotes today
  • Food- Missy is calling her US Foods guy to make sure they have what we want avaliable and an estimate
  • Chairs for the ceremony- Missy is calling for a quote from Gala Affairs, but we won't know for sure how many til we get the RSVP's
  • Tux- I MUST get J over to see Mr. Ronnie at the Men's Shop
  • Rings- We're going next weekend to wrap this up
  • Plates, Cups and Silverware- Missy and I are going on a shopping to trip to Sam's, I'll report back after to let you know about all the savings :)
  • Drink Servers- Sam's
  • Alcohol- $2 buck Chuck from Trader Joes and Bud Light cases
  • Hay Bale's and covers
  • Mail out the Save the Dates
  • Bridal Portraits- March 4th
  • Order Invitations and mail out
It probably looks ridiculously long to you bloggers huh? BUT if you were able to see my list of things to do way back in October you would be astounded at how much I've accomplished and its only January 20th. I'm very proud of myself. Missy seemed impressed at how much I have done.

Anyways, I went for my first dress fitting yesterday with Mrs. Eleanor in Ft. Mill. There's a whole lot of dress for her to take off since I'm basically one of the shortest people around. I'm going back for a refit next week at the same time. Mom asked her about the price and she said it would be $50... I was SHOCKED! The store where I bought my dress from said it would be $200 plus more for something I wanted to change on the dress but have since decided to keep. This is another way that God is providing savings for us with our wedding and I am so thankful He takes care of us! I'll keep you posted on the progress of the dress and Mrs. Eleanor's phone number for any of you that might need her services in the future.

J and I have officially had our first dealings with the bank for the house as of 9:30 last night. They countered our offer, which was expected and after chatting with Dad and looking over the previous inspection report, we have countered the offer again. Fingers crossed! I'm hoping that will just accept this offer :) I'm praying hard but honestly, I've left it in the Lord's hands!

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