Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today I miss my MacBook. And Adobe. And the sounds associated with Mac's. I can't believe it's almost been a year since she died on me.

No News on the wedding front today. I think the cupcake papers came in the mail today. I special ordered them on sale from Amazon. We're going wedding band shopping on Saturday, I'm pumped! Praise the Lord tomorrow is Friday, this week has been crazy.

Ooo so food documentaion:
1 Bowl of Vanilla Almond Special K  for breakfast and luch: 240 Calories
Diet Cranberry Juice from Ocean Spray: 10 Calories
13 Cheeze Its: 75 Calories (ridiculous huh?)
Strawberry Cereal Bar: 90 Calories
Total so far for today: 415 Carlories, and then dinner will be about 400, I'm guessing. I need to find a Calorie Calculator. I'm making Lemon Peppered Talapia, Steamed Broccoli and mashed potatoes only because they're going bad.

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