Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sugary Decisions

Bloggers, I am in need of your assistance! My mom and I are going to meet with the Baker next week to discuss the cupcakes at the wedding and I'm at a loss for what I want them to look like or taste like. I've been scouring the Internet look at designs and recently I came across Cupcakes Take the Cake , the most unbelievable cupcakes I've ever seen and they include recipes too. Since stalking their site, I've come across a few ideas but I haven't really narrowed it down. When I asked J what kind of cake he wanted he said, "Rainbow chip!" He's a classy guy what can I say?

I love the smooth frosting on these

I'm such a sucker for Strawberries I love this

These are adorable but I think they'll be out of our price range...

Red Velvet was J's second choice and I love the way this looks!
This is probably my favorite. Isn't it gorgeous?! And look multiple flavors and a variety of techniques for frosting the cupcakes. BUT would my gigantic R look good on top of an extra large cupcake?

So, let me hear from you! Are mini cupcakes the way to go? What flavors are best for a wedding? Should we have a giant cupcake as a topper for J and myself? Should we have more than one flavor? Decisions, decisions...


  1. Your link is wrong! I'm hungry just looking at these though.

  2. J was right on the money with the Red Velvet. It's simple, but def. elegant enough for a wedding ... can I make one request... if you guys do go a chocolate route can there be a tiny little teardrop sized cupcake that is vanilla or something... the baker could even keep it in the back. LOL. ;-)