Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Highlight

Summer is officially here and my hair dresser is back from vacation, soooooo I got some highlights for the summer :) Man it's been a while since I've had lighter hair, remember in February when I did this....?

Not much to report this week on the house front, there's been a lull in decorating. J took me a hot date last night to Red Bowl, we realized that they have a very limited Sushi menu so we opted for Spicy Tangerine Beef and Bourbon Chicken. J was not impressed with the Bourbon chicken and says we won't be going back there for date night anymore.

We've also decided, well J more than I, that we're going to buy kayak's. We went and explored down at RiverWalk after dinner and this affirmed J's desire for kayak's even more. So, I hit up Craigslist and we found some great deals. Fingers crossed they'll come through like most of our purchases from there do. The only one we've had a problem with so far is a guy selling a glass door that we LOVE will not call us back to go and pick it up this week. Sighhhhh....

We Red Boxed after RiverWalk with Battle of Los Angeles. I was really impressed with the movie honestly, not a ton of computer graphics done so things looked legit. I would recommend watching this with your guy if he's into war, Call of Duty, shooting guns, etc. It'll probably score you some points :) I liked it, but then again I'm into 'boy' movies about 95% of the time.  

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