Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I started on a project last night for the dining room and I didn't complete it, so it's sitting on the landing at the top of our stairs waiting for me when I get home! Fingers crossed it comes out gorgeous :)

Dana and Patrick stopped in to see the house for a bit last night, it was nice to catch up and I wish we could hang out with them more. Why is life always soooo busy? Then I got to random phone call from Sheila that made my whole night, hence why I didn't finish my project but it was completely worth it!

My mother in law is supposed to come over tonight and hopefully we'll be able to recover my seat less chairs, once that's done the dining room will be basically complete. Ahhhhh, I love how things are coming together in our home! Although I did realize last night that we have A LOT of brown in our house.... J swears its my favorite color.

J was very productive last night in our guest room, he went through all of his stuff from college and all of the 'crap I didn't know where to put so I threw it in the guest room closet to be dealt with later.' Oh I love that man!

Look what came in our mail yesterday? Rachel's Save the Date :) Now proudly hanging in our kitchen!

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  1. Loved talking to you too! Thanks for always listening to me and making me laugh!