Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday blues...

Oh my gosh, is it the weekend yet? Thursday sucks, my cold is getting better though. Still not 100%, ready for my bed right now. Fingers crossed I can kick this colds ass because I'm ready for this 3 day Holiday weekend to start...
Friday: Date night with Dana and Patrick to

Saturday: We're hosting a family cook out!

Sunday: Church and hopefully fireworks in Rock Hill

Monday: Celebrating the 4th with our pseudo family- I.E. Jake, Stacey, Chris and Todd and hopefully a bunch of others :)

PS not my feet/or pool the only one Google rendered in my search for 'Pool Time'

In other news... my husband is amazing! Our yard looks fantastic :) and since I didn't feel good last night he made me tomato soup and grilled cheese.

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