Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Writer's block

It seems I've come across some writer's block recently...

Isn't this kitchen amazing? I LOVE the black and brown cabinents.

Jake and Stacey's wedding was this past weekend, it was amazing!!

My next project: 1/2 bathroom. Got this cute towel rack for $5 at Marshalls.


  1. Why don't you paint your kitchen that red? It would make it POP or the sitting area???

  2. J is DONE painting he says. I would love it if the kitchen were red, but I have to wait on him to get in the painting mood again :)

  3. I want to paint our laundry room...maybe we can convince the boys to have more painting days like when they painted our deck. I really want our living room a different color but P is about as motivated as well..I'm not good with analogies! lol
    Well hey, what the hell do we need men for...lets do it ourselves. We can have painting days! I've never painted but I'm guessing it can't be that hard, lmao!