Friday, June 24, 2011

TGIF, TGIF, TGIF... oh Katy Perry

I got into my car to head to work and the new Katy Perry song was on, "Last Friday Night" it made me so excited that to day is FRIDAY! We're having Dana, Patrick and baby Whit over for dinner tonight :) I'm thinking Taco's are on the menu, but we'll see.

Biggest news of the day: Our wedding pictures will hopefully be here tomorrow! Brett just text me letting me know she's putting them in the mail this morning and she posted a sneak peak photo again on my Facebook this morning!

Oh I love my husband :) and Brett Seay Photography

Craigslist decided not to let me down and we got our storm door yesterday afternoon for $90 the only thing we have to do is spray paint it black. Not too shabby, considering we looked at buying this same one and it was over $250 in Lowes. I swear this whole blog could be about our Craigslist purchases, aka how to make a house a home via Craigslist. We've had great success and $avings using the site, praise the Lord! It makes me never want to pay full price for anything. Pictures to come soon, J was very tired last night and I knew that pictures of the door were out of the question. He spent the day skeet shooting with a client and came in 2nd place out of 50 guys AND he got the account for the company! I'm so proud of him :)

I'm ready for the weekend, this has felt like the longest week in a while. Fingers crossed I'll get some good news soon that I can share! What are you doing this weekend? J's sister is having a shower this weekend so we're headed to that on Sat. night and church on Sunday morning, it's looking like it's going to be a slow kind of weekend. Those are the kind I LOVE!

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