Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You know you love me

J and I had a fun, relaxing weekend working on the house.

Saturday we went shopping and got some fabulous curtains for the living room, a tooth brush holder and some new clothes. Pictures to come later! Oh and J bought me a really neat vase for our fireplace :) J hung up my wall clock and made our yard look incredible!

Later on that day I went through my entire bell collection that's been packed up since 2008. We counted 82, yes I am an old lady who used to collect bells. I sorted them and am only keeping 5 or 6, I'm thinking of keeping the rest in the attic for now.

Yesterday J and I cleaned up the house A LOT. Buddy was bored and wanted to play. We're having company this weekend and want the house to be in tip top shape!

Once we settled down, (please no judgements) we put in Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. The movie was really interesting, he's like a white mini version of Usher honestly. It was neat to see how YouTube played such a huge role in his success. Also, I know for sure after watching that movie that I only want to have little boys when we decide to have babies. I don't think I can handle crazy little girls!
 J said he had a promo code  for it so we got it for free SCORE! Buddy was uninterested in the Biebs, he only wanted to play with his new toy-a Poweraide Bottle.

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  1. No judgements here! Just wanted to say I've decided I only want to have little boys as well -- which is fine by my hubs. Girls are crazy!! :-P