Thursday, February 10, 2011


I can't wait for this week to be over, it's been a long one already and its only Thursday morning. J is finally back at work, which means I get to see him tonight! Bloggers, how have you been?

Anyways, I wanted you to meet my two honorary bridesmaids :)

Meet Amber. We met when I was a sophomore and she was a junior, we lived in the same building. the next year she was one of my suitemates and for the second portion of my senior year she lived on me and Ashley's apartment floor every weekend. She's a third grade teacher in Lowell and lives in Gastonia with her roomate and her cat Alice. Her cat is named after the Twilight character, there will be no judgement's. As you can see above we're supporting Team Jacob and Team Edward :)

Meet Amanda. We grew up in church together from the time we were small til we graduated from high school. We've always had the same interests, lived close to each other and supported each other through a lot. Once we graduated high school we both went in opposite directions, she went to Virginia Beach and I went to Greenville but we always stayed connected. I was lucky enough to be in her wedding in 2009! She and her husband Tamer (pronounced Tame-her, I had a the hardest time learning how to say his name when she started dating him) live in Tulsa, OK. Which is WAY too far away. 

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  1. One. You are awesome. Two. Thanks for listening to my whining! I love you and that is such a hot picture of us. Also, Alice appreciates the shoutout!