Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Well, today I've been thinking that I want my blog to be about something. So here's my thought process today:
  1. The most interesting blogs I've ever read have always had a theme of sorts that they stick to.
  2. Originally this blog was about our wedding and I decided to only write about our adventures through the planning process but it has become literally about our everyday life along with wedding planning.
  3. Well, I don't think that's for much of a good read after the wedding. Everyone and their brother has a blog about their life...
  4. I want to blog about something more, something different, something that makes for a good read to people and is half way intersting.
  5. Big question now, what am I going to blog about?  
Like my friend Amanda, she has an intersting blog that has a point. It's about writing and being an author. She's always loved to write, ever since we were little and I applaud her efforts to keep up her blog about her thoughts as an author as well as following what she's always wanted to do.

Or my blogger friend, Christina. Well actually, I stalk her blog religiously because I love her posts about eating healthy, working out, and her obssession with Chick Fil A. I wish I could be more like her but we aren't 'real' blogger friends. (PS Chick Fil A will always hold a place in my heart, they employed me for 3 years)

Or like my roomate Stephanie, she always blogs about the Bible and Jesus and our church, Elevation and it's always very encouraging or thought provoking. I just don't have the gift of words like she does, she's very smart and it shows. That's why she's going to grad school this summer.

     6. Well, let's see, what have I always wanted to do?

Design and layout on a Mac. All things in print of course, like magazines or newspapers or brochures. Get married. Be a mom. Go to Grad School. Have a career that I love. Wear heels to work everyday. Love Jesus with all my heart. Open up a bakery named Mousse Kisses. Create my own online company.

I don't know, I think I'm rambling now. But I am thinking hard about the blog, and where I want it to go from here.


  1. So I think that in order for both of us to accomplish our goals (many of yours have also made my list), we need to live close enough to work together one day. We can start a magazine that I can write and you can design. We can help each other through grad school, have a kid-friendly work studio, wear heels every day feel like it, and keep loving Jesus :) As for the bakery, I will contribute cakes and marketing. Sound like a plan?

  2. Thanks for the kind words about my blog. To be honest, my blog just came together on its own. Keep writing. Read about the things that interest you. Share what's on your mind of in your heart and eventually your blog will find a theme. You know, being a woman is hard these days. To be a christian, a worker, a wife (or soon to be wife), a friend, and a girl is a lot. I think you could easily work that idea into all of the things you already write about and without changing much, you'd have a great blog about being a well rounded woman these days. I mean, what girl doesn't need that kind of information and encouragement?! Love you!

  3. aww i just found this! we can be real blogger friends! :) you are too sweet.