Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So, we're making more progress with the wedding which is so very exciting to me! We booked our DJ for the wedding reception. It's actually kind of funny, he was a teacher at my high school and we always called him Doc Williams, he DJed both prom's I went to. Out of all the DJ's Missy and I have talked to he had the best package avaliable and I think he's going to be great to work with. If you're in need a of a DJ call on Williams Entertainment , they do all kinds of events. My favorite part about them is that they can download songs on site in case they didn't have one when they take requests. None of the other guys I spoke with could do that so it was a BIG plus. And, they gave J a beer mug at the bridal show yesterday which was neat. They weren't out to suck the bride in with a nice gift, they were out there for the groom.

Yesterday when I got home I saw that UPS had stopped by with a package that was down in the apartment complex main building, it was our invitation paper I got from Envelope Mall which was recommended by Sheila who designed our invites for us! Since I shop online so much you would think that I would have already had to return something by now, but I've never had to til now. Since the envelopes weren't the color I thought they were I'm going to exchange them for a different color. Wish me luck!

Officially as of yesterday our mortgage broker let us know that we can close a week early. This means that in 10 days as long as things go smoothly we'll be homeowners. Well technically that means the bank owns us for the next 30 years haha. Oh the joys and responsibilities of being an adult!

Spring is definately in the air, J starts softball practice tonight and he is so excited about it. He loves playing any and all sports that deal balls, I know that one we have a babies he'll praying that they'll be athletes and I'm like 100% sure that we'll be THOSE parent's who go to every single game rain or shine cheering on our little person.

Yesterday I had the overwhelming urge to go sit in the grass or on a swing since it was so nice and breezy out, it made me miss college. My college had swings every where and according to some each swing meant something different, for example if you sat on a certain swing by the Chapel building it was called the 'Marriage Swing' and you were for sure going to marry the person you sat in the swing with. Good grief right?
Well, I basically sat on the swings with these girls...A lot.

Day 3 - A picture of the cast from your favorite show
Helloooo Grey's Anatomy Thursday's at 9. I've watched it since the beginning back in '05.


  1. Are there no swing Pictures from freshmen year...that is sad...haha ily....I am so excited about seeing you this month and your new house

  2. aw, sorry about the papers! Can't wait to dance my ass off at your wedding.

  3. I miss the swings!!!! I'm so dancing with you Sheila!