Friday, February 11, 2011

You're worth every penny...

Praise the Lord it's Friday. This has been the single longest week in a while, things have seemed to drag by! J suggested we go to Charlotte tonight for date night and stop and leave my car at my Grandma's on the way out, so I'm pretty excited about tonight even though I'm not sure what we're doing I'm going with it, J never disappoints me :) Tomorrow we're celebrating Todd's 21st birthday, Todd is one of the Groomsmen in our wedding. We're all pretty excited that Todd's turning 21 since he's the last one in our friend circle to turn 21! I'm pretty excited for church on Sunday too since we're going to be watching the documentary of how our church was founded! Come to Elevation church on Sunday if you don't have a home church, I promise you'll be encouraged and come back the next week :)

On Wednesday night this week I caught the end of The Wedding Date on ABC Family, I had forgotten how much I love that movie. I danced around my room with Buddy to all of the 'lovey dovey' Michael Buble songs, try your hardest not to judge me please! I think my dog thought I was insane since I don't normally do that.

 Kat: "Nothing that a bottle of Jack and a straight razor won't fix."

Nick: "The hardest thing is loving someone and then having the courage to let them love you back."

Kat: "You know what pisses me off? I've been spilling my guts all weekend and I don't know a thing about you." Nick: "I'm allergic to fabric softener. I majored in comparative literature at Brown. I hate anchovies. And I think I'd miss you even if we never met."

Do any of my blogger friends have plans for the weekend? Let me hear from you :)


  1. YAY! I'm excited about the Elevation documentary too!! Oh, and hope you have fun tonight!! =) LOVE YOUUU!

  2. Have fun tonight! Love your dear! I miss you!