Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hump Day

So...Happy Hump Day Bloggers! I'm glad this week is pretty much half way over, its been a stressful and very long week so far. I'm ready for church on Sunday!

I mailed out my bridal shower invites today, geeze stamps are expensive. I also figured out how many invites for the actual wedding we're mailing out and man oh man the printing is cheap in comparison to the postage we'll spend. Oh well, I'm only doing this once so it's worth it.

Season 6 is on DVD now and I want it baaadddd since we don't get Showtime
I would even take it as a wedding present, just saying.

Day 04 - A picture of your favorite night
Whelp... there's a lot so I'm going to give you the highlight reel through a few.

 The night Ashley and I started hanging out with Amber & Stephanie. I'm so sad Stephanie wasn't in this picture. This night is basically the most epic night of college since it basically changed the course of my last two years there, in a fantastic way I might add.
 The night of Jessi's impromptu bachlorette party the night before her wedding. We took her to a karaoke bar in Greenville, we had the best time because we were basically the only people in the place.
One of the first nights J came to see me in Greenville after we started dating. He wanted to take pictures of us and walk through the park! One of my absolute favorite first memories of us from the beginning of our relationship.
The night some of J's friends came to Greenville to see Brantley Gilbert at the Handlebar. Mind you this was the first time I really met any of his friend's so it was a very, very big deal for me since a.) the concert was at the Handlebar, this was basically a forbidden place for NGU student's to go to and b.) first time meeting the boyfriends best friend Jake and his girlfriend at the time Stacey.
The night J proposed to me was the single most romantic night of my life, so far at least. He's a pretty romantic guy but only with me of course ;) Candles, roses everywhere! And his sweet proposal asking me to grow old with him, I'll never ever forget it.
So I know these are out of order but I HAD to put this on here. We went to the beach in 2008 for Stephanie's birthday and one night we went to a bar called Knuckle Heads and had one of the best times together ever, from hanging out with people who are our parent's ages to Ashley giving out dollars to Stephanie to play Justin Timberlake on the jukebox thingy, it was incredible. Life was so simple then. My how things have changed.


  1. So I am just saying that your post just made me laugh out loud! I am not even lying. The three pictures that I am in are some of my favorite nights too! Can you imagine what it would have been like if we would never have gone out that night? Dude, it changed our lives!! :)

  2. I want to go to the beach again just the four of us. Thoughts?