Friday, May 20, 2011

Down Time, Amen.

Yesterday J reminded me how excited he was for us to have a 'down' weekend with not much to do. We literally have been going non stop since the weekend we moved him into the house two and a half months ago. Whether it was it was  bachlor/bachlorette party, bridal shower, work, a wedding, etc. we've been constantly going-going-going!

While we have a down weekend we have a lot to do, I made a list yesterday and now I need to add onto it :)  Hang up the ferns and flower baskets, buy light bulbs for the flood lights, buy J a weed eater and a hedge trimmer, pick up rocking chair from Grandma Jo's and the possible night stands, vacuum and mop the downstairs and bathroom, clean the bathrooms, I'm sure the list could go on and on... I just have to know we won't get it all done this weekend!

Saturday night is my friend Stacey's bachlorette party! She and Jake are getting married in less than a month, Jake was in our wedding and is one of J's best friends and J will be in their wedding as well. We are so excited for them!

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