Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It happened again...

Friday we went to see The Hangover Part Two, it was pretty good although I didn't like it as much as I liked the second one. It did however live up to the hype. My favorite part was probably the beginning when Phil called Doug's wife Tracy...

Phil: “Tracy I’m sorry.”
Tracy: “Where the hell are you?”
Phil: [sigh] “It happened again.”
Tracy: “Don’t say that.”
Phil: “No, this time we really fucked up.”
...Tracy: “What the hell is wrong with you three?”
Phil: “So much Trace, I don’t even know where to begin.”
We had a long and glorious Memorial Day weekend, thanks to the troops who make it all possible! Wouldn't it be nice if everyone worked four 10 hour days and always had three day weekends? I vote yes.
Saturday we had a cook out at my in laws house and had a lot of fun eating, hanging out and playing corn hole. I made Balsamic Bacon Deviled Eggs and J made our homemade Peach Ice Cream! I was thrilled with how they came out :) If you're interested in the recipe just let me know! PS Unfortunately Blogger won't let me post pictures today, booo hisss.
My sister spent the night on Saturday, she's the first person to stay in our guest room! She came with us to church on Sunday too. The service was great, we had a guest pastor who preached on the story of Hosea and Gomer to wrap up the series Mr. & Mrs. Better Half. After church, my brother in law rallied the troops or so to speak and brought over Jeremy's family to help us get some stuff accomplished at the House! Praise the Lord we are finally getting some work done in the house :)
  • New Fan in Living Room
  • Hang old Living Room Fan in the Master
  • Hang Microwave
  • Purchase rug for Living Room
  • Hang pictures in Living Room
  • Re stain New Sofa Table & Dinning Room Table
  • Paint railing for stairs
  • Recover Dinning Room Chairs ( I did buy fabric for the charis this weekend, recovering story to come soon! $16 for 4 yards at Hancock Fabrics, heck yes Memorial Day Sale )
  • Hang up Hanging Baskets on Porch (We found the hangers for them at my Mother in Laws, yes! These will be hung this week!)
  • New door knobs and deadbolts for front and back door
  • Trim painted up staircase and in 1/4 of the livingroom
  • Curtain Rods hung in Living room
  • J organized his closet and our room!
Yesterday we headed over to Jake and Stacey's pool and we grilled out for dinner. We aren't 100% certain but J thinks he broke his toe, no idea how either... maybe too many beers? It was a great end to a wonderfully long weekend that was much needed!

How did your Memorial Day Weekend turn out?

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  1. Thanks for commenting on our blog today!!

    My husband is trying to talk me into going to see the Hangover2...I have heard mixed reviews...I'll add yours to the list!

    I glanced through your blog....LOVE your wedding photo with your dog and his tie...too cute!!!