Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Wedding

Through the eyes of our wonderful friends... more pictures to come later!

Rehearsal dinner we had a Fiesta and Moes catered!

My handsome 'almost' husband :)

Dad and I

The Parentals praying over us and our marraige, such a huge thing for us!

All my ladies

THE kiss

Garter Time

Dancing the night away, we danced for almost the whole reception!

After party!! We got on the groomsmens shoulders, please notice my face.

I also thought that it was a great idea to dance on the table

Right after we were announced!

Toasts from the Maid and Best

We are so lucky!

My entrance to the isle

Listening to Cameron & Bekah sing 'Marry Me'

It was perfect to say the least, a day I'll never forget but also a day that is such a big blur to me, so thankful for pictures as a reminder of EVERYTHING. Big thanks to everyone who came, it was truly a huge blessing to see how many people love us!

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