Monday, May 16, 2011

Slowly busy

This weekend it seemed I was very busy but it all happened really slowly. Weird right?

Friday night Rachel came over and I made Chicken Hobo, it as pretty tasty especially when you added Ranch to it :) We took a Wine Walk with Buddy after dinner, which ultimately meant Buddy jerked me around and I spilled wine on my shirt, still A LOT of fun.

Saturday morning I had intentions of continuing to unpack our home, i.e. our bedroom and my clothes since our room looks like a disaster. But my mother in law called asked me to come over and see if I wanted anything from Grandma Jo's house- I came across some pretty neat finds. Two really old Martini & Rossi bottles I'm going to use as decorations for the kitchen, a wooden salad bowl with serving spoons, a purple serving bowl and chips n dip tray, Salt N Pepper Shakers, some funky necklaces and a glass jar for our bathroom. I also want to take two end tables from there and turn them into night stands for our bedroom! J said he thought it was a good idea. AND I'm getting a rocker for our front porch!

Saturday afternoon and evening I spent a lot of time with my sister Allie. She was getting ready for the Prom and I was the driver for her and her friends, yes I pimped the mini van.
Isn't she pretty?

After I dropped Allie off at prom, we headed to Pub House for a drink and grown up conversation aka gossip. And by we I mean Kristin and Stephanie :) 

Sunday morning I headed to St. Anne's Catholic Church for baby Whit's Baptism. It was really neat to see since I've never A.) been to a Catholic Mass and B.) A Baby Baptism. Dana and Patrick asked me to be the videographer for them and record the whole thing, it really reminded me of the days when I dreamed of being a camera woman Freshman year hopefully I did a good job for them! Afterwards we headed to their house for a fabulous meal, I loved the Potato Salad. And my sweet husband, no shower and all, met us over at their house! He has been in Chester all weekend for a bachelor party and there were no showers at the cabin they stayed at.

It was nice to have J come home after such a long weekend! Can you believe that we've been married for two weeks already? I cooked him dinner  after a lazy afternoon of napping and The Green Hornet, decent movie not my favorite though. I pulled together a white wine cream sauce and seared some chicken and made homemade mashed potato's and broccoli. I was really happy with dinner, I even made cookies afterwards. Yes, I am now a wife so I have to step up my game a little :)

Have a happy Monday Bloggers!


  1. Thanks for bein there Sunday and bein the videographer. love it! gurl u r a great wifey...that meal sounds delish...cook that and invite us 3 lol

  2. I wouldn't have missed it! As soon as the house looks a little more like a home I want you guys to come over :)