Thursday, March 10, 2011


Things are starting to fall into place so quickly! I've gotten 7 RSVP's so far for the wedding and the invites only went out 2 days ago, thank you for your promptness. We close on the house this afternoon! Pray for us not to stress about anything and for things to go smooth sailing, I can't wait to get started on fixing it up for us :) I know J can't wait to get his hands dirty with the house! Rachel bought me a cake and sparkling wine to celebrate being a home owner last night, she's so sweet!

Photo Challenge Day 13 - A picture of your favorite band or artist

Oh John Mayer, I love when you sing and play guitar.
Otherwise, I kind of think you're tool and a smooth talker.

Random Fact Thursday:
Asparagus is one of the primary vegetables noted for containing Glutathione, an antioxidant. Glutathione (GSH) is found in the body and is important in fighting against diseases like Cancer and Alzheimer’s. Although foods like asparagus do not contain Glutathione GSH, they do assist the body in producing it. While eating asparagus may not directly cure cancer or your morning hangover, it can increase the glutathione level and possibly help the liver clear toxins faster, making the healing process more efficient.
Thanks, MSN & Bing!


  1. Well obviously we will be there; ) this can be my RSVP, haha. that was sweet of your friend to get u the cake and sparkly! i can't wait to see it tomorrow and we are available all day saturday to help. unless for some reason i become a mommy in the next day.
    muah! time is counting down for my favorite couple!
    AND...I love asparagus! good to know.

  2. as soon as I saw the title I knew the post was about John. =) LOOOVE it.

  3. John is not a tool. take it back, midget.