Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Day 12 - A picture of something you love
I love a lot of things. Like Jesus, friendships, family, J, and sushi just ot name a few. I tend to mention those a lot on here. So, I wanted to post something different.
I LOVE when it rains when we go to White Lake, NC and we get to swim!
That's me, J and my little brother Carson. He's not so little now he's as big as I am and he's only 11.

It's been a quite day at work this morning. I've been cleaning up a bit and started a list of things I need to finish up before the end of the week and I am hoping I will motivate myself to finish it. It's kind of gloomy out and that tends to distract me easily.

The invitations are in the mail! I need to work on the rest of them and get them out this week but with the house closing tomorrow and grocery shopping last night I haven't had time. By the time all of the invitations are sent out, we will have invited about 215 people. We are figuring that about 150 will show.

Things left to do before the wedding:
  1. Buy the Plates, cups and flatware
  2. Check in with the food guy 
  3. Buy sand and tiki torches
  4. Find/rent or purchase beverage dispensers
  5. Mail out the rehersal dinner invites
  6. Decide on Music for the ceremony and reception
  7. Make sure that the people who agreed to sing are still going to be able to
  8. Print off Bridal Portriat and Engagement Pictures
  9. Print and put together the programs
  10. Fill out the itenerary and hand out to ALL bridal party members and family
  11. Wrap the presents for the bridal party
  12. Find clothes for the honeymoon and shoes for the rehersal dinner/bachlorette party
Picked up our wedding bands yesterday afternoon, I'm happy with our purchase. J is pretty excited about his ring even though he didn't get the diamonds he wanted in it :)

By the way isn't this gorgeous? I found it on Style Me Pretty, if I wasn't already doing illuminaries I would totally do this!

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