Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"He's a dropper..."

This morning while walking into my office in York I dropped my keys for the 3rd time today and I started thinking about how much I have dropped things lately like my keys or my phone or knives in the kitchen... I'm such a clumsy person these days, maybe I'm preoccupied or maybe I've always been this way and just never noticed it before- who knows?! Anyways, it reminded me of the episode on Friends where they throw the ball around for almost 24 hours but at first they wouldn't let Chandler play because well, "He's a dropper..."

Not much to update in terms of the wedding right now but now that I mention it there are a few things: I'm expecting my bridal portrait CD's in the mail next Tuesday, can't wait til they get here hopefully they turned out well! I should be printing the rehearsal dinner invites and mailing them out by the end of the week and they are super cute :) The Groomsmen are supposed to be ALL fitted for their tuxes by next Friday, the shop is going to call them this week as a reminder which is a wonderful blessing. Besides those things I only to print and put together the programs and tissue packets and our video for the rehearsal dinner!

Tonight we're going to make some adjustments to our registry at Target. We were overwhelmed by how much stuff we received this past weekend at my bridal shower and since we received some duplicates due to the whacked up system that Target has we're going to tweak somethings.

We're almost done painting at the house, can I get an Amen?! We need to finish up the Powder Room downstairs, finish the bottom half of the Man Cave, paint the final wall in the living room that housed the previous owners makeshift stereo system and touch up some of the trim work. J is going to move his stuff in this weekend!
Behold, the 1/2 completed Man Cave in Clemson Purple & Orange. (The Orange will make it's appearance this weekend.)PS a quick shout out to my future Aunt, Uncle and cousins for helping out- they're a dream team when it comes to painting.

Photo Challenge Day 20 - A picture of somewhere you'd love to travel
Hello, aren't the Virgin Island's amazing looking?

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