Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luck of the Irish

Day 18 - A picture of your biggest insecurity

You guessed correctly, it's my weight. I've gained weight since J and I started dating, because as the saying goes, "When you're happy you get fat." No, I haven't put on a tremendous amount of weight or anything but I'd like to be smaller/tighter in my stomach and arms. Right before I met J I had lost A LOT of weight and I liked the size I was, I wasn't as small as I was in high school but I was comfortable with myself. I had started trying to loose weight right when we got engaged but I didn't stick with it. So for now since there like zero time to work out, I'm just watching what I eat so I can make sure to fit in my fancy dress for the wedding :) Once the wedding is over and I have more time, I really want to start running or doing something in a routine every day at the new house!

Wedding news: Yesterday we finally got the quote for the food for the reception and I am very pleased to announce that the food for everyone at the wedding is only going to cost $300! We also got all of the plates, forks, knives, spoons, cups and beverage dispensers for $172. So for food and utensils, we're only spending about $500 total which is incredible since most caterer's charge you per person about $10 or more. I'm so excited! Be prepared for a backyard Barbecue feel for our reception, we're having Burgers, Grilled Chicken, potato salad, baked beans and cole slaw.
Mom kind of went nuts yesterday in Hobby Lobby, they had ALL of their wedding stuff on sale! She got bows for the chairs for the ceremony to mark off where the family is sitting and bought DIY boutonnieres for the boys which is great because we weren't planning on having them at the wedding, we thought they were a waste of money but Mom really wanted to do them so I told her it was her project :) She said they had eggplant purple callalillies and cute ribbons to go with them, she was really excited about them on the phone and I can't wait to see them today!
My bachlorette party is tomorrow and I get to see all of my girls in one place and I am STOKED to say the least! I'm not sure what all the girls have planned but I know we're going to a really fun restaurant in downtown Charlotte called the Cajun Queen, ever heard of it? It's some of the Cajun food you'll find around, I'm really hoping that they will have a jazz band! I can't wait to get all dressed either :)
Happy St. Patrick's Day, I hope you all wore green as to avoid pinching! I wore a green shirt just to make sure, I remember in high school there was one year I forgot and all the pinching was kind of annoying so I've made sure ever since then :) Hopefully I'll get to drink some green beer tonight. Wishing we were going to Virginia this weekend to stay with Donna, B-Rad, Andrew and Rebekah, first time in we haven't been able to in the past 3 years.
St. Patrick's Day 2009 out and about in VA
St. Patrick's Day 2010 in VA and Josh came all the way from TX!


  1. I am so EXCITED! I do think it is sort of funny that I am going to eat Cajun in Charlotte tomorrow :-)We are going to have so much fun!!!!!!

  2. 1. Cute St Patty's pics!
    2. There is a jazz band at the Queen every night. =)
    3. We are going to have an AMAZING time.