Wednesday, April 27, 2011

3 freakin' days

Ahhhhhh, 3 days :)

Yesterday my co-workers threw me a lovely shower after hours in our office in Rock Hill. They are some of the sweetest women you will ever meet, not to go without mentioning the two guys we have on staff they're not too bad either. They gave us more than we needed and I am once again reminded of how God has blessed us with such wonderful people in our lives right now! Just a few pictures since I'm waiting on my mom to send me the rest but for now a teaser...

Lisa made me this incredible cake, and you would never know she taught herself how to decorate huh?

The food was beyond words! I got two recipes while there for a camel apple dip and cucumber sandwiches and I can't wait to make them for any party we may have coming up :)

I'm getting things marked off of my To Do list slowly and quickly really all at once, it's a process for sure. Tonight I'm meeting with Pastor Dennis to go over my nerves and over our vows and itinerary for the weekend. I'm hoping I get to see J tonight for longer than an hour. That's about how much I've seen him since Sunday.He's stressing with work, a lot of things have shifted over to him this week and he feels very stretched. Yesterday he started his day at 4:15 driving to a job site about 3 hours away from Camp Legune and then headed to Camp Legune to another job site. He didn't get home til 8:30 and since I'm not at the house I didn't see him. Please pray for him to have a great end to his week so he can relax on our honeymoon.

Tomorrow morning Mom, Allie and I are making the cupcakes for the wedding. Then once that's done I'm going to continue on with wrapping presents, finishing the slide show, filling salt and pepper shakers, packing, cleaning up our house and possibly helping my Mother in Law decorate for the rehearsal dinner if she'll let me. She kind of wants it to be a surprise!

I finished the itinerary. I've purchased buns, condiments and drinks. I've scanned a million pictures in for our slide show. I've worked two full days at work and made sure our wedding announcement is in the newspaper and applied for our marriage license! It's been a busy week and it's only Wed. BUT 3 days til I'm a married woman, I CANNOT WAIT!

I'm off to lunch now with my manager!

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  1. YAY!!! I am so excited :-)! I have a big surprises for you!