Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Power Outage

At 2AM I woke up to the weirdest noise and when I finally completely woke up I figured out that my blinds were crashing and thrashing back and forth because the wind was ridiculous. I went to close the window and saw there was a thunderstorm out and my first thought was, "Why hasn't Buddy woken up already since it's so loud in here? Andddd... tomorrow is going to be a rain boots kind of day for sure." Well, I forgot Buddy slept at the new house with J, so I was all alone. Luckily the storm didn't freak me out and I went back to sleep quickly.
Power lines in River Hills in Lake Wylie- right across the street from my office.
Thank you heraldonline.com for the photo.

On Tuesday's we always have our sales meetings in Rock Hill so I wasn't aware til my Mom called that the power was out in York, Clover and Lake Wylie. This storm definitely did a lot of damage. Clover Schools are shut down because of no power. My poor Dad went to work without a shower and my Mom might be be heading to our new house to shower in a bit. My office in LW doesn't have power, so I'm working out of the York office today which has totally thrown off my schedule I had in mind for today.

Since the storm has thrown me off and all of my meetings have been cancelled since none of my businesses have power I'm in full on wedding mode right now. I'm trying to find an online company to print my bridal portrait and engagement portrait for the wedding. Start working on the programs and filling out the sheet Sheila sent me oh so long ago to give to everyone. I'm actually writing out everything that has to be done that I can think of and praise the Lord, the list isn't as long as I thought it was going to be. It's just a lot of finalizing everything. With how busy we've been with the house, I haven't done much work on the wedding in the past few weeks. Thankfully, I did a lot of planning WAYYYY a head of time. Wish me luck as we're getting so close, I don't want to stress out and I don't want to be bridezilla!

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