Wednesday, April 6, 2011


While most of York County was still experiencing a power disater of their own all day yesterday, my disaster didn't start until after work... this is kind of how things went down:

1.) I walked into the house to let Buddy out only to find this- Our Laundry room and all of it's contents demolished by our dog's teeth. He ate the BRAND new blind's J had installed a few days prior.

2.) So after I was able to take in the laundry room, I let Buddy out to potty and he drug me through the mud in my Black High Heel Pumps to see our new neighbors. I literally came out of my shoes has he drug me since he weighs almost 1/2 as much as I do.

3.) While loading everything into the car except Buddy (he had mud on his paws), Buddy decided to jerk me to see the neighbors again and I dropped my phone and it demolished the screen. My screen looks like a spider spun a web on it... I cried, a lot. (Side note: J came to the rescue and took me to Sprint and I'm getting a new one today when I get off, he always takes care of me.)

There were a few other things that happened which made the day even crazier but my night was not the fun night I had thought it was going to be. No wedding stuff got done at all. When we got home, I took some night time medicine, made J some dinner and went to bed praying that today would be better.

So far so good today, but then again it's only 11:09 am. J left this morning at 4 for his business trip to Savannah and Virginia Beach. He'll be gone til late Friday night. This is the first time we've been apart since he got the job at here at home. It'll be strange without him for the next few days.

Pray for us, things are stressful right now and there is a lot going on with work, wedding, dog and a house. I can't wait til the wedding gets here and we get a vacation! 24 days :)

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