Monday, April 4, 2011


So, I started on my seemingly endless list of 'Thank You' cards last night. I got about 15 done and then J brought me some Chinese food and that was the end of the cards for last night. I'm going to start on the rest of them tonight and tomorrow. My hand hurts today from writing so much already.

Over the weekend I feel like we got a ton accomplished on the house. Friday night was a lazy night of family time with my mom, grandma and Carson. They brought us BBQ and we all enjoyed our tester cake for the wedding as a dessert! It was fabulous :) I'm so pleased with how it will look and taste. We watched The Pacifier and J passed out on the couch. Saturday, bright and early, J and I headed to Lowe's and picked up outlet and light covers, a new fan for the living room, gas can and mirror for the powder room. The mirror for the powder room completed the look we were going for in there and we've decided not to change out the pedestal sink and save a few dollars. Saturday night we ended up at Dana and Patrick's to watch some of the Final 4 basketball games and which was a lot of fun since I got to hold Baby Whit for a while! Don't get any idea's, no babies for a long time. We're not ready even the slightest little bit. Sunday we went to church and learned about God's Purpose, watch the sermon online at After church we headed to get the trailer from J's parents house to pick up our new washer and dryer and furniture from my Grandma's. Well, I didn't help with the furniture since I was at Rachel's Bridal Shower! It was so fun to see and meet all of her family and close friends, she got all kinds of goodies. Can't wait for her wedding in September! We did yard work in the afternoon and J became better acquainted with our new neighbor Alan, he helped rip up our bushes and sawzaw our Leland Cypress trees. We have a whole NEW yard now, it's ridiculous! Can't wait to plant grass in the fall and get some flowers planted.

This past weekend didn't fly by like normal which was a nice change honestly, I think God knows I've wanted time to slow down for a while now. 3 1/2 weeks til I'm off of work for the wedding! Happy Monday to all you bloggers :)

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    Yes, I will break down and take my newborn child to a mexican restaurant, hahahaha.

    Love ya girl! Can't believe you haven't been to page 6....we will just go to the one in baxter so we can indulge in the cupcraze!