Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big Fire

So, I've narrowed down almost all of the music for the wedding and I'm happy with my choices. Stephanie gave me some recommendations that I really liked. She's a music fanatic in a good way, check out her blog and you'll see what I mean :) I'm lacking two songs 1.) Song to play during communion 2.) song to play as the wedding party exits the ceremony. Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Today has moved really slow. Come on Thursday, bring me Friday!

My hand is probably going to fall off, I'm going to finish up the 'Thank You' cards and address all of the rehearsal dinner invites tonight. Wish me luck.

I really need to grocery shop but since I'm in the midst of moving and such so it's hard. This weekend I'm packing up my kitchen, bathroom stuff, book shelf and decor from the rest of the apartment and taking it over to the new house. I figure the next weekend I can pack up most of my room minus my bed and few essential clothes. It's kind of weird to be moving out of the apartment, it's the longest I've lived in one place since I went to college.

I went to dinner with some fabulous ladies at Six Pence Pub in Baxter, I had the Bar Nacho's. They were incredible and I had enough left over to eat for lunch today. They were so sweet to take me out to dinner to celebrate the wedding, it was very relaxing and also fun to be able to talk about the wedding with people and just gush about how excited I am! Kasey even brought me some red wine called 'Big Fire' haha, she wanted to find a bottle that would be romantic and wedding type and she and an older lady in the store thought that 'Big Fire' represented it well :) I'll let you know how it is, it's Pinot Noir I've never had it!

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