Friday, April 22, 2011

8 days

8 days... honestly this countdown is not helping me at all. I'm just ready for next Saturday to be here, yesterday.

Work has been crazy busy and so have things at home. Last night Buddy was sick, again. He threw up everywhere in the living room since he's been eating more and more crap he's not supposed to. So, we decided I better sleep at the new house on the couch with him instead of going back to my apartment. Good thing we decided that, God knew what was going to happen, Buddy woke up at 5 throwing up again. Praise the Lord we have tile everywhere downstairs!

I feel exhausted. I haven't been sleeping well. Super strange dreams and the ridiculously weird weather have been keeping me awake. I sleep for about 3-4 hours and then I am wide awake.

Finally, if all goes according to plan my things will be moved out of the apartment tonight. This has been stressing me out to say the very least. I just want to get it done and be done with the apartment by Sunday night so that next week I will NOT have to worry about it.

I'm guessing that all brides felt like this the week before the wedding? Kind of that 'I'm so ready for this to be here and over' feeling. I don't by any means want to wish it away, but I do want it to just be here already so I can be married to my best friend and so the stress will go away. I'm ready for the honeymoon.

Mom framed our engagement picture for the wedding and my bridal portrait as well! They look fantastic, I can't wait for J to see my bridal portrait or me in my dress for that matter :) If you're looking to print off picutres look no further than iprintfromhome, they do fabulous work and the prints were to me within 5 days of my order processing not to mention super cheap, with shipping for the two pictures it was $22. I framed my bridal portrait and engagement portrait for $61 total, that includes the cost to print the pictures too! Thank you Ikea and iprintfromhome for making this possible! PS See my sweater up there? I love it, I discovered my dog ate the buttons off of it this morning when I tried it on to wear today. I love that dog, I swear I do...

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