Monday, August 29, 2011

Flippity FLOP

So I tried another Pinterest recipe this weekend which was a total flop, Strawberry Angel Cookies

While they looked divine on the website...

They did not look so divine when I tried to make them.
The recipe says to not add milk or water, well none of my mixture was congealing what-so-ever so I added a little bit of milk. Apparently that was a bad idea and they turned out more like pancakes and I honestly didn't like the taste either. J said well, this is your first cooking flop since we've been together. I guess that's not too shabby huh? Have any of you have any Food Flops lately? Share them, won't you?

We had a fun laid back weekend again and for those I'm so thankful! We started our subscription to Netflix too, you can't beat $7.99 a month. I know that we spent more on RedBox so I think this is a good move for us.

J got his man cave all set up, Football season here we come. Our Friday and Saturday will be filled with football, purple, orange and nothing else this weekend and being the good wife I am, I can't wait :) I think I'm going to make BBQ for Friday night--- crock pot it up a bit and then on Saturday I'm thinking finger food goodness all day! I'll keep you posted on the status of my menu for the weekend, I'm pretty excited about cooking! Which teams are you pulling for this weekend?

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  1. What time do you want us over? haha

    Girl I messed up lemon squares. Peggy makes the best ones and I tried and they were burnt so I have never tried again.

    I also cannot make potato soup worth crap. I tried making it in my crock pot (yes jeremy reynolds I am a crock pot hoe!( and it was awfulllll I ate it bc I put forth a lot of effort but never again!