Monday, August 22, 2011

Why can't we do this every weekend?

This past weekend was so much fun, I wish every weekend could be like it!

Friday night I had dinner with Rachel and Joanna at Mac's in Charlotte. I had the 1/2 order of wings with fries and two beers for $13 with tax and tip. Not too shabby if you ask me :) It was so much fun to catch up and hear all about Rachel's wedding coming up in September. She's very much ready to just 'BE' with Brandon, you see he's in the army and has been stationed in Seattle for the past few months. I have the honor of being a part  of her special day and I couldn't be happier for them!

Saturday I went grocery shopping and then asked J if he would go to Big Lots with me to pick up some of the Febreeze air freshener refills. Well, we only went for the air fresheners but ended up coming home with new curtains and curtain rods too--- we were sadly disappointed at how much we spent on curtains the weekend before at Target for J's man cave and we couldn't take them back :( Look at the beauties we found for the dinning room! Yes, I know I had originally wanted Roman Shades but I love these just as much and at a fraction of the cost of Roman Shades, $36 for the RED curtains and the rods.... please and thank you Big Lots!

Don't judge the camera phone pictures :)

Saturday night I made BBQ ham sandwiches and apple sauce for dinner. Super easy recipe that J loves! Then we headed over to Dana and Patricks and let me tell you, the best time was had by all! Over drinks and cigars on their back deck I feel like we became even closer. I treasure the friendship we have with them and I hope we can make this a monthly occurrence! We got there right after 7 and didn't leave til almost 1 and I swear there was not an awkward moment of silence to be had. We laughed, shared stories, encouragement etc. I'm so thankful for nights like these! It's not like we're in college anymore, where you blare loud music, play beer pong and do drinking games. I'm not really into the big groups of people thing anymore it seems, actually I never really was to begin with. Just sitting outside with a drink in hand, laughing and carrying on is my favorite! I think we're out growing it, which sad and exciting all at once. I feel like we're outgrowing a lot of things, things really do change when you get married. 

Me and Dana, again camera phone pic :) but isn't she the cutest Mom you've ever seen? 

Although I did yet again learn, liquor is not my friend. My poor husband, he's the best honestly for putting up with  my crazy self. I cried about being a hot mess on liquor when we got home, so I've decided no more liquor for me and that Buddy ate the Bread gave me to eat.Which made me laugh hard on Sunday when J told me about that. I'm sticking to wine or beer when we go out! 

Since we worked on our budget last weekend, we have officially paid off my Honda :)  Makes me so proud! We're working on becoming debt free, I honestly want to try to have no debt except the mortgage before we have kids and I think we can really do it! Yes I have huge student loans but we've been listening to Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and we're following his advice and I'm praying that God will help us to be wise with money. 


  1. Debt free is the way to be! :-) It's definitely a challenge but so worth it! I hope it all goes well for you guys!

  2. We have so much in common, chick! And Josh and I only have a little bit on our new car to pay off. We're determined to be debt free and have plenty in savings before we have kids, too! :) :)