Monday, August 15, 2011


This weekend was pleasantly not planned and I loved every minute of it!

Friday night, Sarah's husband picked us up from downtown where we were dropped off after the Yodle Boat Trip. He took our drunk asses drove us to Steve's Bar & Grille per my directions, and Sarah and I split their lovely Chicken Nacho's. They drove me home since J was a church auction thing with his Dad and they got to meet Buddy Dog :) After they left, I found myself at a loss for what to do a on Friday night at 9 with no husband around? I went to bed, I'm so lame. J got home around 10:30, cuddled me and told me I smelled like alcohol--awesome.

Saturday, me and the Budster got up and cleaned up the kitchen and watched TV til J got up. Then we made a list of what we wanted to accomplish this weekend around the house: 
  • Vacuum and mop downstairs
  • Reorganize Kitchen
  • Vacuum stairs, landing and master bedroom
  • Clean ALL bathrooms (Master complete)
  • Move extra TV's
  • Clean Master Bedroom
  • Exchange/Hang Curtains up in Master
  • Start Excel Budget
We ended up shopping for two hours for curtains, we went to like four places and finally settled on some at Target, they're two different shades of green and J hates them. Says they let in too much light into our room in the mornings, oh well. In our search for curtains, we found some great work slacks for J for $10 and J bought me some banging red T-strap shoes from Ross in our, pictures to come later. Once we got back, J started to tackle cleaning up the master bedroom while I cleaned the bathroom. My loving husband even organized our linen closet, who has the best husband in the world? That's right, you guessed it.... ME!

For the second night in a row, I ended up at Steve's Bar & Grille and for the second night in a row I split the Chicken Nacho's only this time it was with J. We caught the Panther's Game with 3 of J's guys friends. I wore my new shoes :)

Sunday I set my alarm for the wrong time and we missed church. So we decided to tackle the rest of project list, J vacuumed and I reorganized/cleaned up the kitchen, then mopped the entire downstairs. J decided to paint a Clemson Tiger Paw in the man cave and while he was being artsy, we discussed the budget and what our goals are for paying off bills for the next few months. We made some really great progress I feel like and a few decisions were made that we feel like are going to be put us in the right direction monetarily. We ended the night with Tuna & Egg Pasta Salad (recipe from the MIL to come soon) watching Season of the Witch with Nicolas Cage, J went to bed and I stayed up and watched Soul Surfer.

Buddy Dog was a trooper with all the cleaning and projects going on. We realized he's been in a cone for 1/3 of his life already... poor guy. We're hoping his hot spot gets better over the next few days so we can take the cone off asap! Isn't he a sweetie? :) 

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  1. I have been missing all your blogs :( Anyways, you were WASTED Friday night!!! You probably barely remember talking to me. You were hilarious. I must see you Saturday night, make this happen!