Friday, August 19, 2011


I stayed up last night and watched Jersey Shore and learned a new word, "Twinning!" (I'm sure it's on Urban Dictionary already) I'm so not jealous of their lives, they're all ridiculously messed up but entertaining none the less.I got sucked into Jersery Shore in the first season, it's my weakness on Thursday's honestly but once Grey's returns I'll be set straight!

I can't believe that this work week is pretty much done already. I'm headed to dinner with some girlfriends tonight, can't wait!We're going to Mac's on Tryon, I'm hoping it's got good food and GREAT Happy Hour specials.

I'm hoping SteffieFresh joins us, I think she's sleeping right now!

J and I are hanging out with Dana and Patrick tomorrow, so excited to finally see them... I'm hoping we can get a glimpse of Whit before he goes to bed :) It's been about a month since I've seen him!

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