Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fly by...

Holy cow. It's 4:30 already, my day has literally flown by and my head is kind of spinning.

My morning started out with two huge meetings at work, then all the girls at work had asked to see our wedding photos so I emailed out a PowerPoint of pictures and they all seemed to really like the pictures and how much DIY stuff we did :) As you know this basically made my day by like 11.

Then my day got even better when my sweet husband asked me to lunch and I got to meet his friend Chad from work. We went to eat at Sauceman's in Charlotte. We were recommended the Sauceman Original with Turkey since they were out of Pork for the day. (Side note: It was a BBQ place, how in the world were they out of Pork?) Superb choice! The Sauceman Original was a sandwich on Texas Toast with 3 very thick pieces of smoked Turkey (J raved about how good the meat smelled and tasted) tomato and onion rings AND we dipped it in their amazing ranch as we opted out of the recommended Cranberry Honey dip. FYI: I am a ranch junkie, I like to think of myself as a ranch connoisseur. The sandwich was huge, I ate a half and then half of a half and I was completely full. You don't need sides at this place otherwise you'll feel like a 'fatty.' I highly recommend Sauceman's! J and Chad are going to take me back there when they actually have pork available, they say it's amazing. I'll let you know!

I described my lunch to Sarah who said I was 'Talking dirty' to her about food. She's getting married in October and as you know with all brides not gaining weight before the wedding is imperative, I was there a few short months ago so I can totally relate.

I'm ready to head home to my little family :)

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