Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review Time

The Help Review

Book: You’re immediately involved in the story from the first few pages. Loved how it went from 3 different points of views and was very interchangeable and so easy to follow along with where each character was. Many of the little details of the differences in the lives of the 3 women were incredible; from Minny being so sassy to Skeeter’s crazy mother harasses her about being single you honestly feel like you’re in the Mississippi humidity. The only change I would have made is to have a fourth point of from Celia Foote, she was so cute and spunky it seemed. The end of the book leaves you feeling hopeful that change is on the horizon for these women, especially Abileen. 

Movie: Most books that are made into movies most of the time leave something to be desired, this however did not and I was pleasantly surprised. All of the big details were incorporated into the movie, but in different ways than in the book which was expected especially since the book takes place over 1 ½ year period and you can’t fit it all into a 2 hour movie. I loved Emma Stone as Skeeter, I’m sad they didn’t make her freakishly tall like they depicted her in the book but I think her crazy kinky hair made up for it. Both of the women who played Abileen and Minny were perfect although I was hoping Minny would have been a bit sassier. The little girl who played Mae Mobley was perfect, pudgy little goodness. The whole movie I couldn’t figure out who Stuart was, then it dawned on me it’s Dale from Private Practice. They completely left out the part about Stuart’s dad being a Politician which made him seem more like a racist for breaking up with her than anything. I loved the woman who played Celia Foote! She was exactly like I imagined her in the book but with shorter hair. I’m sad that the whole miscarriage thing wasn’t a bigger part of the movie, very short scene. I wish they had Minny and Mr. Johnny meet earlier in the movie, that was one of my favorite parts in the book but I LOVED how they thanked Minny with a huge meal at the end. Mr. Johnny was super cute, can’t figure out what else he’s been in.  I was sad they didn’t make Hilly pudgy like the book said she was, but the actress playing Hilly was phenomenal. They made is to Yule May did steal the ring even though in the book she actually didn’t, and man was it a sight to see the police hit her--- the whole theater gasped at that. I loved when Skeeter’s mother stood up to Hilly, also not in the book but a great scene that added a lot to the movie. The end of the movie was good when Abileen made Hilly cry, but I didn’t like how they didn’t show Abileen taking over the Miss Myrna columns

Anyways, that's my review--- take it for what it's worth :) I'm thinking the next book is going to be The Vow

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  1. I cannot wait to see the vow. My heart aches just watching the preview.